activated charcoal

Mask against acne with activated charcoal

Black heads are a kind of spots and represent accumulations of fatty secretions in the mouth of the sebaceous glands. The open part of the pores with the accumulated fat and the fallen epithelium eventually becomes contaminated by the environment, takes on a dark color. In the future, under the influence of bacterial microflora, inflammation of the external gland and the formation of pustules on the skin can occur. Mask for acne with activated charcoal and gelatin allows to effectively clean the skin of black heads and other rashes on the surface of the epidermis.

Activated Charcoal adsorbent for skin cleansing

Cosmetic skin imperfections not only spoil the appearance, but also can contribute to the development of many dermatological diseases. So, with improper care for the skin, covered with pimples and other inflammatory formations, a chronic form of acne (blackheads, acne, scars on the skin) can arise. Treatment of skin problems in any case should be comprehensive. First of all, it is necessary to eliminate internal factors contributing to the enhancement of the functions of the sebaceous ducts.

Disturbances in the work of internal organs (GIT, thyroid gland), hormonal system lead to hyper function of external glands and, as a result, the appearance of acne and the formation of even points. The problem is aggravated by the lack of adequate measures for skin care. The first stage of care for problem skin is cosmetic cleansing.

An alternative to expensive salon facial cleansing procedures is activated charcoal, which is used in cosmetic masks. Read also:

Effects of the adsorbent

Activated charcoal is a substance with a porous surface, which is obtained from the following charcoal-containing products …

  • High-coking coals;
  • Petroleum coke;
  • Charcoal;
  • Bituminous coal;
  • Walnut shells.

A feature of the active substance is the large porosity of its surface, due to which it is able to intensively adsorb other substances on its surface (in the liquid and gaseous phase). This property is widely used in medicine and cosmetology.

activated charcoal

The essence of the production process for the activation of coal extracted from organic compounds is the opening of pores, which in the raw material sample are in a closed state. As a result of heat treatment, a charcoal surface with micro pores is obtained, on which adsorption (absorption of substances) and oxidation processes can take place.

IMPORTANT! Due to its physical structure, activated charcoal has a great surface activity and is capable of neutralizing poisons, toxic substances, bacterial forms of pathogenic flora. Activated charcoal is effective in poisoning, gastrointestinal imbalance. The coal sorbent performs a purifying function: dissolves and extends the contents of the pores to the surface and thereby reduces the inflammatory process in the glands.

Activated charcoal is cheap, comes in a tablet form, but is one of the first among absorbing cleansers in cosmetology.

Cleansing masks with activated charcoal

Advantages of the skin cleansing method with the use of coal sorbent are:

  1. Qualitative cleansing of sebaceous glands (removal of sebum from the sebum, contamination, dead cells of the stratum corneum).
  2. Deep detoxification of the skin (cleansing of sebaceous glands from protein decay products).
  3. Leveling of the skin surface.
  4. Reduction of pigmentation.
  5. Regeneration of the epidermis.

Cosmetic compositions for face from activated charcoal are prepared simply. The use of such masks is available to everyone at home. Consider the recipe for the preparation of effective medicinal composition based on active coal.

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