Black Dots

Masks for Black Dots with Activated Charcoal

Black dots deliver many aesthetic problems. They can occur not only in adolescents who are characterized by skin rashes during puberty. But black dots can bring discomfort to the lives of older people.

Many see only one way to eliminate a skin defect – the services of cosmetologists or treatment with a dermatologist. But not always expensive tools and procedures can remove black dots. Moreover, after cleansing manipulations, it is hardly possible to venture out into the street for several days. The outlook is not very happy.

However, there is an output – activated charcoal! A simple and affordable medicine easily and quickly copes with skin defects.

What are the benefits of activated charcoal?

We are all used to the idea that activated charcoal is an effective absorbent. But this property allows it to be actively used for cosmetic purposes, since the drug not only eliminates charcoal, but also effectively cleans the skin from harmful substances. That is why activated charcoal is a part of many cosmetics.

The main purpose of masks is to remove black dots. In order to maximize the result, it is necessary to prepare the skin and create favorable conditions for full access to contaminated pores. First, you should clean your face with detergents: soap, gel or foam. Then I recommend doing a steam bath with the addition of medicinal herbs. Careful steaming of the skin will get the desired result from the use of masks. The procedure should last at least 10 minutes. Only after this, it is possible to apply the medicinal mixture to the skin of the face.

After carrying out of cleaning actions it is necessary to take care of humidification of integuments, therefore use a nutritious or humidifying cream. This will be the final stage of the home procedure.

Cleansing masks with activated charcoal are prepared quite simply and easily. Moreover, all the necessary ingredients can be easily found in the home of each hostess. But the result of the procedures is not worse than after using expensive cosmetics. Read also:

To prepare the mixture, you will spend a minimum of finance and effort. And during the procedure you can easily do your everyday business or take a break.

Black Dots The most effective recipes from activated charcoal

1) Mask-film, which includes activated charcoal and food gelatin, allows you to eliminate even the smallest black formations. After its use, the skin becomes smooth and silky. Coal serves as a cleanser, and gelatin is used to moisturize the skin. But there is one “but”. When vascular expansion (couperose), this method is not recommended to use.

So, to prepare the mixture, you need to combine the soaked gelatin in milk and a crushed sorbent tablet. Stir all the ingredients and heat the resulting mixture in a water bath. After the mass has cooled, you can apply it to the problematic parts of the skin. When the mixture is completely dry, gently remove the formed film.

2) Activated charcoal and plain water. Such a recipe can be easily used at home, and during long trips. Despite the simplicity of the components, the result is noticeable after the first procedure: the number of black dots decreases, the skin becomes smooth and gentle to the touch.

Mix three crushed tablets of the drug and a teaspoon of boiled water and apply to the face area. After drying, wash the mixture with warm water.

3) Activated charcoal and cosmetic clay. Natural material very favorably affects the skin. Clay can even be used as an independent ingredient, and in combination with a sorbent preparation it is an excellent remedy for black spots.

To make a mask, you can use a different kind of clay. Stir until smooth, two crushed coal tablets, a clay spoon and water. Ready mixture put on the previously cleaned skin, and after a quarter of an hour, rinse with warm water.

4) The combination of sorbent and several types of cosmetic clay allows not only to get rid of the black formations, but also to remove inflammation, and to eliminate the peeling. In this recipe, we will use green and white clay.

For cooking, mix two types of clay with powdered charcoal. Then add a few drops of essential oils (lavender, geranium). Gradually adding water to the resulting mixture, bring the mass to a creamy state. The procedure lasts about a quarter of an hour. Then it is recommended to wash off the cosmetic mixture with warm water or a decoction of chamomile.

Before the procedure, make sure that you do not have allergic reactions to the mask components, since the effect may be the opposite.

5) Sea salt has long been used for cosmetic purposes with skin problems, and in combination with charcoal – it’s just an indispensable helper from the black formations on the skin of the face.

Combine a teaspoon of salt, a crushed sorbent, freshly squeezed aloe juice, a few drops of tea tree and water (preferably boiled). Homogeneous mixture is applied to the problem zone and left for 15 minutes, after which it is washed off with warm water. All ingredients are very effective in coping with skin rashes and restore normal skin condition. But before conducting a mandatory test for sensitivity.

Many who have used masks with activated charcoal, were convinced by their own example in the effectiveness of this method. The auxiliary components, which are used in the above recipes, help to strengthen the cleansing result and moisturize the skin. In addition, after carrying out home procedures your skin is saturated with the necessary collagen.

The cost of activated charcoal and the simplicity of the recipes made this method very popular. Therefore, if black points spoil your life, try masks with activated charcoal and make sure of their effectiveness!

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