Stretch Marks

Remove Stretch Marks After Pregnancy

Sometimes the consequences of pregnancy can frighten already worried women. Weight gain, changes in the hormonal background, changes in lifestyle and nutrition, a postnatal adaptation of the body – all this does not pass without leaving a trace and leaves such obvious traces as stretch marks. They say that it is almost impossible to get rid of them at home without resorting to salon procedures and laser correction. Is it true? What will help the skin restore its former beauty and youth?

What is stretching?

Stretch marks are skin changes due to rupture of collagen and elastin fibers. After pregnancy, with an increase in the load, the skin may not have time to adapt to rapid weight gain and subsequent weight loss, as a result of which appear stripy stretches of cyanotic-pink color. It does not look so aesthetic, but you need to understand: this is a natural process and stretch marks after childbirth can occur in women of any age and complexion.

Stretch Marks

At home, you can remove stretch marks with the help of special skin care products. We warn at once: the effect can be achieved only with the regular use of funds and not as quickly as with expensive laser correction procedures. But also cosmetic means are not so bad, it is important to be able to choose them correctly. Keep reading

We choose means from extensions

The effectiveness of the means of stretch marks depends on the composition and combination of the active ingredients. Quality products should be aimed at:

  • Increased skin elasticity;
  • Deep moisturizing;
  • Preservation of skin elasticity;
  • Improve blood circulation.

Please note that the selected tool contains the following components:

  • Aligns the relief of the skin, deeply nourishes and prevents loss of moisture.
  • Collagen. Gives elasticity to the skin, enhances the effect of elastin. Give preference to collagen of vegetable origin (ideally, marine), because collagen of animal origin because of the large size of the molecules does not penetrate the dermis.
  • Microelements (zinc, selenium, sodium, copper, potassium). Promote rapid regeneration and maintain moisture levels in the skin.
  • Vitamins A, E, C. Provoke the production of their own collagen, improve blood circulation, affect the renewal of cells.
  • Hyaluronic acid. It is responsible for the water balance of the skin, improves the regeneration of cells.

What determines the effectiveness of funds from stretch marks?

A frequency of application of funds.

Use funds from stretch marks at least twice a day. The skin should not be over-dried – apply as often as possible to provide a more visible result.

Preparation of striated skin.

The place where you plan to apply the remedy should be clean and dry. Preliminary, you can use a scrub to improve blood circulation.

The means used.

Such tools as emulsion, gel, liquid cream, are better absorbed and penetrate deeper into the skin than thick cream or oil.

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