• Activated Charcoal

    Mask for face activated charcoal and gelatin recipe

    Mask for acne from activated charcoal, gelatin and milk is an effective remedy. First of all, before applying, everyone is interested in what effect the mask brings against black points (gelatin and activated charcoal). Each ingredient of it fulfills its role in the matter of rejuvenation and cleansing of the skin of the face.

  • Black soap

    Black soap with activated charcoal

    Black soap with activated charcoal contains effective natural ingredients that are used to treat acne and other rashes on the skin of a different nature. A unique soap formula containing coconut oil, palm oil, activated charcoal, aloe vera and other natural ingredients, gently and deeply cleanses the skin of make-up and toxins, removes dead cells and harmful substances from the skin surface, cleans pores from excess sebum and gives the skin a clean, fresh and healthy appearance. It is used for oily, combination and dry skin.

  • activated charcoal

    Mask against acne with activated charcoal

    Black heads are a kind of spots and represent accumulations of fatty secretions in the mouth of the sebaceous glands. The open part of the pores with the accumulated fat and the fallen epithelium eventually becomes contaminated by the environment, takes on a dark color. In the future, under the influence of bacterial microflora, inflammation of the external gland and the formation of pustules on the skin can occur. Mask for acne with activated charcoal and gelatin allows to effectively clean the skin of black heads and other rashes on the surface of the epidermis.

  • Skincare

    Gelatin Masks with Activated Charcoal for Wrinkles

    In the kitchen of every mistress, who knows the art of desserts, there is definitely a product like gelatin. Thanks to the “gluing” property, it is literally irreplaceable in the preparation of delicate delicacies of pleasant consistency. Few people know, but face masks, which include gelatin and activated charcoal, are able to provide a wide range of positive effects on the structure, as well as the appearance of the skin.