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Use of activated charcoal for natural beauty

Activated charcoal is known for its cleansing, moisturizing and bactericidal properties, thanks to which it has been used for many years as the main component of many cosmetic products.

Activated charcoal is a kind of “vacuum cleaner” for the skin: small particles of coal absorb excess skin fat, dirt, absorb bacteria and toxins, which are often the cause of the appearance of acne. Activated charcoal saturates the skin with useful substances and minerals, makes it more hydrated, elastic, fresh, narrows the expanded pores. Coal scrubs are good because they delicately remove the dead cells of the epidermis, without damaging the skin.

Shampoos with activated charcoal deeply clean hair and scalp from dirt and styling products, normalize lipid balance, strengthen hair, nourish roots, stimulate blood circulation. Carbon shampoo will be especially useful for increased fatty scalp, hair loss, dandruff.

Now, activated charcoal can be found in many ready-made cosmetic products: face masks, soaps, creams and gels, shampoos and hair balms. Numerous positive reviews about the products with activated charcoal confirm their effectiveness.

For lovers of home cosmetics it will be easy to prepare a mask for the face or hair by yourself, simply mixing activated charcoal with water, any finished mask. Activated charcoal is ideal for scrubbing the scalp: just dilute it with any hair mask and do a light scalp massage. Read also:

Activated charcoal for natural cosmetics

To enhance the effect of activated charcoal can also simply add to any cosmetic. In decorative cosmetics, activated charcoal is most often used as a cosmetic pigment. Back in Ancient Egypt, a piece of coal replaced the local residents with a liner for the eyes, mascara and a pencil for the eyebrows.

And now at home, you can just make a harmless hypoallergenic or mascara for the eyes, just for this it’s worth buying activated charcoal.

To prepare a useful mascara you will need activated charcoal, a small box from under the shadows and useful oils that can enrich the padding.

activated charcoal You can use clean coal, but with the addition of oils or aloe vera gel in the powder of activated charcoal, it acquires a creamy consistency, it is better to lie down and stay longer. Do not overdo it)

Activated charcoal can be enriched with an Ayurveda mixture of oils, which is usually used to strengthen hair, as well as coconut, almond, sesame, rice oil, butter, jojoba oil or aloe vera gel. Oils need very little, otherwise the piping will not freeze. Instead of oil, you can use saline or eye drops.

From natural means for eyeliner, you can also use spirulina powder. The padding turns out to be a beautiful emerald color, though the smell of spirulina is rather sharp. But for the sake of its medicinal properties, you can and suffer.

To get natural mascara for eyelashes, you just need to pour in an empty clean tube from under the carcass eye drops and pour in the same activated charcoal.

Activated charcoal for dental health

With the habit of strangeness it seems strange that absolutely black coal can be used for cleaning teeth, and even more so for their bleaching. However, due to its unique ability to absorb various substances, coal removes stains from the enamel from coffee, tea, cigarettes and even medicines, and also absorbs bacteria, neutralizing bad breath.

The more acidic the environment in the mouth, the more favorable it becomes for the development of microorganisms. Activated charcoal, used as a tooth powder, absorbs and removes acidic plaque, thereby increasing PH of the oral cavity. It is also effective to use coal to relieve toothache, to accelerate the healing of ulcers, with abscesses and inflammation of the gums.

One of the most pleasant features of this tool is that there are many ways to use it: you can add coal powder to the paste or mouthwash, mix it with clay, soda, turmeric, natural oils or combine in one recipe coal and hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening.

Also, activated charcoal can be used to enhance the detoxification effect when you rinse your mouth with coconut oil. For one spoon of coconut oil, add 1/8 of a spoonful of activated charcoal and rinse with this mixture of the mouth for 20 minutes, using “sucking” movements in the mouth. This is not a clever way to clean the oral cavity will remove all toxins and poisons, relieve inflammation and strengthen the gums. It is especially important for those who have fillings or iron crowns in their mouths, coal will draw out of them all the toxic substances that they release into the mouth.

Try to do this procedure on a daily basis and you will be surprised to find changes not only in the oral cavity, but also in the state of health.

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